Yoga that starts with you


Whilst I usually go by Alex, Kauna was a nickname given to me during my time working in the Maldives, it was there that I fell in love with yoga and so ever since I have always associated 'Kauna' with my yoga. As someone who has worked in a wide variety of disciplines all over the world my approach to yoga comes from a keen understanding of the physical and emotional demands we often place upon our body in order to succeed in and meet the pressures of society. The subtle anatomical variations found in each and every one of us have visible influences on our yoga practice creating a style that is unique to each of us. It is understanding these differences, accepting them and learning how integrate them that allows us to create a deep connection with our body and appreciation for our place in the world.



I began my journey to become a yoga instructor in 2015 and since then I have explored many of the different forms of yoga during my travels. My formal training was overseen by Bernie Clark (Vancouver, Canada) and Amit Payel (Rishikesh, India), I am a registered teacher with Yin Yoga and my training is recognised by Yoga International and Yoga Alliance.
As a sportswoman I have worked and competed in many disciplines such as swimming, freediving, horse riding, and cycling and was in the British Reserve Army for three years. I continue to pursue my interest in human anatomy and its many variations during my spare time.